Choro-Q : Honda Civic Type-R(EK9)

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Choro-Q : Japanese pullback car. The name comes from the cute car that drives around(Choro choro). Choro choro cute = Choro Cute = Choro-Q

The way you play changes depending on the number of pullbacks.
1. Play with pullbacks - 1~4 pullbacks
You can choose between "straight ahead," "random turn," and "backspin" driving patterns.
1 pullback  - Straight
2 pullbacks - Random turn
3 pullbacks - Back spin
4 pullbacks - Long straight

You can hold the included coin in the coin holder on the back. If you put a coin in the coin holder, it will do a wheelie and run.

2. Play with programming - Register your favourite driving patterns after 5 pullbacks
You can set three driving patterns in sequence up to five times depending on the number of pullbacks. 
Set your own driving pattern!!