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■Gokuon electronic horn - Including 2 Gokuon Sticker
Full-spec horn with the highest volume played by two middle-range horns!
Electronic circuits dedicated to the horn developed for the ultimate tone control the two horns individually.
Please play the new generation ultimate polar sound [GOKUON] that has never existed before.
3 types of sounds can be easily switched from the horn button

■ There are 3 types of sound, which can be switched by pressing the horn button 3 times.
Pattern 1: Crossfire "Papapapapapapaan"
   →A polar sound feast in which two tones resound alternately with the horn push

Pattern 2 Echo "Paaaaaaaan~"
   →For 3 seconds after pushing the horn, the polar sound resounds

Pattern 3 Standard "Paa~"
   → Reacts linearly to the horn button, sharp extreme sound

Click here for the actual sound
(The sound samples are mixed up in the link. the first one is Pattern 3, the second one is Pattern 2 then the last one is Pattern 1)

・No need to purchase of relay harness

・Compact type that can replace genuine horn
・Low power consumption as the genuine horn

■ Product specifications
Treble 500Hz / Bass 400Hz
Not Conforming to Safety Standards (Competition Parts)

■ Set contents
Treble horn (500Hz) x 1
Bass horn (400Hz) x 1
Dedicated control box x 1
Dedicated wiring x 1