Beast-R Goods

• D1GP Legendary Driver: Tezuka Tsuyoshi - Beast-R Original goods

Originating from Gifu Prefecture in Japan, Tezuka frequented Mizunami Circuit in his JZX81 Mark II. He was one of the first to start in competition drifting in Japan and kept competing in D1GP until 2018. He now runs his own shop called Beast-R where he continues to drift and buy and sell cars and goods!

"Drifting is a way to appeal myself to everyone. While appealing myself, it would also be nice if people can enjoy watching that as well. That's why I purposely drift out of bounds into the dirt or destroy my bumper, to please the crowd. Rather than focusing on setting a record, I would rather set a lasting impression. As the best form of automobile entertainment, I would like to continue doing my best in D1. "