Driving Force 80s Style Mood Tobacco Lamps

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• Retro 80s style car interior mood & tobacco lamp. These lamps provide a very timeless era ambient feel inside your cars interior. Easy installation via your cars cigarette lighter output. Not just a mood lamp but also a cigarette lighter via the access hole through the top. Simply install your tobacco until the extra green light is illuminated, wait 15 seconds and enjoy your cigarette.
• Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green & Pink shaded colors.

• Tested in Japan prior to release.
• Each packaged individually in a SHIRTSTUCKEDIN blister packaging & instructions to ensure a stylish and safe delivery from us to you.
• These will fit most vehicles however some very old cars might be a little fidgety upon installing as they're quite a tight fit to ensure they don't become loose and flicker when the power button is on.

• NZ shipping available
• Illustration by Casey Dhnaram