Shirtstuckedin Driving Force Sparkle Shift Knobs 150mm

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The newest product to be added to the Driving Force family. Our 6 variant clear, acrylic - specific coloured rainbow flake sparkles for each variant. 238 gram shift knobs. 150mm high x 40mm wide. These shift knobs are a very refined weight to ensure smooth shifting both on the street and circuit.

• Sparkle Rose Pink
• Sparkle Purple
• Sparkle Blue
• Sparkle Gold
• Sparkle Silver
• Clear Rainbow Sparkle
• Each shift knob are included with a 3D printed acrylic sticker to be placed in the top of a recessed hole on the top of the shift knob. These have also been individually packaged and tagged.
• Packaged individually in a thick, custom Shirtstuckedin box to ensure your shift knob arrives safely with style.
• To ensure the sticker is aligned correctly; screw the shift knob to its tight, comfortable position and then install the sticker carefully on top. Please be careful not to over-tighten these as they're acrylic.
• There are 3 thread types available. 10x1.25 which are sold with NO thread adapters. 12x1.25 which are also sold with a thread adapter to suit 10x1.5. 
• NZ shipping available
• Illustration by Casey Dhnaram